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REO Property Management Solutions

Our mission at asset preservation solutions is to simplify REO management for real estate professionals and mortgage lenders. Our unique solutions allow our clients to benefit from our experience and industry knowledge, for efficient REO management.



APS has developed a solution to the time consuming problems that trouble the management of REO inventories. Our clients enjoy the ability to make one phone call and have peace of mind, knowing that the property is being effectively managed in it's entirety.


    APS prides itself on alleviating the hastle associated with REO management.
    Our team helps our clients acheive the following goals:
  • Immediately start the preservation process
    Allowing you to maximize the asset's value
  • Completely secure properties
    Minimzing risk of theft and unauthorized entry
  • Minimize the time and hassle of REO management
    One phone call to APS provides you access to a full range
    of services
  • Capitalize on savings
    By using a company that provides all services and offers
    flexible billing schedules
  • Immediately grant authorized access
    With the installation of new locks and lockbox (coded
    to specifications)
  • Maximize convenience
    By allowing us to provide all property photos and documentation
    required, eliminating your need to leave the office


Contact Info

Asset Preservation Solutions
phone: 410.935.7695
info [at] apsmd.com