APS is a complete field service management firm that specializes in solutions for REO / Foreclosures, Estate Sales, Rental Turn Overs, Investment Properties, and Real Property Sales Preparations.

From Maintenance and access to remodeling and sales prep., the APS team is the area’s number one choice for Real Estate Field Services.

Our team works directly with Real Estate Professionals, Property Owners, Mortgagers, Estates, and Investors to preserve, improve, and present real properties for maximum market exposure.

Our in-house team of MD Licensed Locksmiths are experienced and precise, executing our lock services within a 12 business hour window of request, allowing clients quick access and securing of their assets.

We excel at well-orchestrated and respectful eviction services.  APS has intimate knowledge of local and state regulations and works hand in hand with law enforcement.  We are equipped to remove vehicles and personal property the day of the eviction.  This allows us to achieve a seamless transition process from beginning to end.

In today’s real estate market, it is vital to maintain an attractive and presentable property to ensure your listing stands out.  APS appreciates this and thrives in revealing the beauty of your asset, boosting curb appeal and natural draw to the property from the street.

We also prevent and alleviate citations and work with clients and local authorities to achieve property maintenance goals that exceed expectations for the duration of the property’s transition.

Many REO/ Foreclosure and Rental properties have been left to waste, packed with organic and inorganic trash that makes them unmarketable or worse, deteriorating and attracting unwanted pests.  Alternatively, many Estates are left with years of accumulated items that now need a new home.  APS has the people who enjoying cleaning these properties out, recycling, or giving new life to family heirlooms allowing those memories to live on. Whether it is dumpster after dumpster of debris, cherished personal property valuation and liquidation, donations, recycling, or just a quick clean up, we leave every property ready to show its natural charm.

Prevention and restoration are keys to maintaining a property’s market value.  When a property is unoccupied a lot of things can happen that destroy its value.  APS specializes in solving these value destroying issues.  Whether it is storm damage and clean up or winterizing a property to prepare for freezing temperatures, our real world solutions can minimize and alleviate the problems associated with vacancy. Maintaining sump pumps, HVAC systems, and other mechanicals that keep a property from succumbing to the elements is most important and APS has designed solutions to preserve your assets value.

When a loved one passes on or downsizes there is a tremendous amount of work that needs to be considered in order to transition the property. Everything from storage and moving services, to cleaning, repairs, and staging for sale needs to be done in a narrow window.  These required actions and time frames can cause unwanted stress on the family and disrupt daily life.  APS prides itself on being able to alleviate these stressors and give peace of mind.  They will pack, categorize, schedule liquidation sales or auctions, clean, prep., and maintain the property from beginning to end of the transition process.  This frees up the time of the family and eliminates the stress of such a transition and allows for daily family life to continue uninterrupted.

Sometimes a property can fall behind the times and needs an update.  Ask any real estate agent and they can tell you that Bathrooms and Kitchens sell homes. However, paint, carpet, and lighting go just as far to giving a clean fresh appearance.  These are some of the factors that potential buyers and renters are utilizing to make their decisions.  Budget and time-frame are always important in these matters and in the real estate market, time truly is money. APS works well in these situations with the ability to work within a set budget while meeting or exceeding expectations and deadlines.  From roof to foundation and everything in between, APS is geared to bring a property to the fore front of the market.

Getting rental properties or investment properties market ready for the average landlord or investor is not their full time job.  That is where APS steps in.  Our team has the industry knowledge and experience to complete full gut remodels all the way to FHA / HUD inspection repairs to alleviate the headaches associated with preparing these properties for market.  APS has built a well-respected and trusted team of contractors, tradesman, real estate brokers, appraisers, auctioneers, and landscapers that can be counted on when your investment asset needs to be taken to the next level.

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